The "Manhattan Optimist Club Bulletin": Vol. 2024 #3: 10-18-23

Posted October 19, 2023

                                          VOLUME 2024            OCTOBER 18         NUMBER 3

Greg McCune, filling in for President Bill Wisdom
Greg McCune, filling in for President Bill Wisdom, welcomed everyone, Jerry Banaka gave a morning prayer and we all joined in for the Pledge of Allegiance.  

ACHES & PAINS:  Be kind, you never know what others are dealing with… Be thankful for all your blessings!!!

PROGRAM:  Craig Cox introduced our speaker Vivienne Leyva this morning.  Vivienne is the Riley County Public Information Officer, and today she spoke to us about Identity Theft, Computer Scams and protecting yourself the best you can from Fraud.  Safeguarding your Identity!  Recognize Red Flags, unusual bank activities, unexpected bills or debt collection calls, suspicious emails, phone calls and/or messages.


Vivienne Leyva, Public Information Officer for Riley County
Financial institutions and Credit Card companies are not going to call you and ask you for your account numbers or account information.  If someone calls stating they are from one of these entities, typically they are rude, short, insistent, sometimes threatening and they will refuse to give you their name.  It is best to hang up and call your financial institute or your CC company yourself.  Never give them any information. 

Read through your account statements, bank accounts and credit card statements, make sure all the purchases, withdrawals, changes you are familiar with, if there are any you do not recognize, act immediately.  Check your credit reports yearly, watching for errors in personal information or for accounts that may have been opened that you do not recognize.  Again, act immediately. 

Make strong passwords, try to make them as long as possible, the more complex (mix of upper case, lower case, numbers, and special characters) the better.  Watch out for Phishing emails, DO NOT CLICK on any items that seem “too good to be true”, DO NOT OPEN items you were not expecting or from people/places you are not familiar with. 

Watch what you post on social media, scammers are always looking for ways to get more personal information, the less you “share” the better off you’ll be.   There was a lot of information covered this morning and here is a list of the “credible sources” Vivienne provided us too. 

Riley County Police Department Website:
Federal Trade Commission:
FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center:
Fraud and Recovery – Hotline, 2709 Amherst Ave, Manhattan, KS 6652, (800)432-3913


Chili Crawl – A successful event – Yard Bar was the winner and everyone was very thankful to Coldstone Creamery for the Ice Cream they provided! Preliminary numbers show 418 tickets sold with about $15,000 in revenue.  Special thanks to Kelly Karl and Heather Peterson for generating $9,500 in sponsorships. 
Hoop, Holler and Shoot: there have been a few changes but we’re moving right along, please sign up to help if you can.   The shoots have already started at the schools!
Bewitching in Westloop: Oct 31st 3:30-6:00pm volunteers are needed to help hand out candy.
Annual Dues are DUE!!!  Please get your payments to Clyde Scott. 

Christmas Tree Lot: Jim Franke noted that Christmas Tree Lot preliminary work and sales was near and help is needed for several work days as well as help for the Tree Lot sales shifts.  Signup sheets were on the tables and examples are linked below.  Unfourtantlly, these are for information only, as we are unable to do online signup.  Please email Jim Franke at with your availability and questions.

Tree Lot Prep Days     Unloading Trees    Unpack Trees & Setup Lot     Work Schedule

GUESTS: Welcome speaker, Vivienne Leyva.  There were no other guests this morning.        

Meeting adjourned with the OPTIMIST CREED.

 OCTOBER PROGRAMS:  PROGRAM CHAIRS – Heather Peterson, Craig Cox, Bill Wisdom, Thad Hall and Mike Fincham

October 25th Noon Meeting: Program – David Starks, Sr. District Executive with the Coronado Area Boy Scouts of America “Boy Scouts of America Overview.” Mike Fincham – Program Chair


November 1st 7:00 AM Meeting: Program - Youth of the Month Presentations, Frank Bergman & Marlatt Elementary Schools. Sharon Fincham

November 8th Noon Meeting: Program - Student of the Month Presentation & Mike Dodson, “Veterans Day Recognition.” Jerry Banaka

November 15th 7:00 AM Meeting: Program - Jim Franke, “What’s Happening with the Christmas Tree Lot.” Bill Wisdom

November 22 10:00 AM at Optimist Park:  Jim Franke/Bruce Bidwell, “Working the Christmas Tree Lot” – Lunch Catered! Bill Wisdom

November 29 7:00 AM Meeting: Bill Wisdom, “Business Meeting.”

October Birthdays