The "Manhattan Optimist Club Bulletin": Vol. 2024 #7: 11-15-23

Posted November 17, 2023

                                      VOLUME 2024            NOVEMBER 15         NUMBER 7

President Bill Wisdom, welcomed everyone, gave a Thanksgiving Blessing and we all joined in the Pledge of Allegiance.  

ACHES & PAINS:  Be kind and considerate and be thankful for all your blessings!!!  Happy Thanksgiving!

PROGRAM:  President Bill Wisdom handed the program over to Jim Franke who enlightened us with “Tree Lot” news!  As we prepare for the 65th year of the awesome Tree Lot, Jim Franke gave us a look into the “Tree Lot” experience.  He presented a slide show with numbers, graphs, charts, dos and don’ts and other valuable information.  There are over 700 items (Trees, Wreaths, and Roping/Garland) coming next week.  Volunteers will be unwrapping and setting up approximately 400 of the trees on Wednesday the 22nd.  This event will begin at 10:00am with lunch being provided between 12:00 and 1:00.  Many, many thanks again to all those who volunteered to help!! 

Trees include Fraser Fir (top seller), Balsam Fir, Douglas Fir (sheared/unsheared), Blue Spruce and Scotch Pine, ranging from 3 ft to 11 ft tall.  (the tallest ones always go first and fast!)  There are a couple of changes again this year in picking up the trees, tying them down etc.… please pay special attention to these areas and ask questions if you are not sure. There is ALWAYS someone to ask if you need help!  Let’s all work together to have a SAFE and FUN tree selling season! 

Along with the trees and other greenery, we do sell tree stands, tree skirts, light sets, replacement bulbs, tree toppers, ornaments, icicles, tree preservative, wreath hangers and other decorations.   There are also giveaways for the little ones such as coloring books & crayons, stuffed animals, candy canes and other little toys, AND the POPCORN will be back again this year!!!

Customer giveaways and Military Discounts:

Every year the Tree Lot provides “giveaways” for our customers and their families. The giveaways are handed out at Santa’s Workshop located in the Maroon Shed at the Tree Lot.  As in prior years, we are asking that these “giveaways” be funded with donations from our members, friends, and customers.

We also have a second funding option which allows a 10% Military Discount.  The discounts are also funded with donations from our members, friends, and customers. 

Option #1 – Customer Giveaways   The "Customer Giveaways" consists of a variety of items, mostly for children, that include Popcorn, Candy Canes, Coloring Books & Crayons, Stuffed Animals, Fidget Spinners, and Snowball Stress Balls. A donation of $75 is recommended.

Option #2 - 10% Military Discount   We have a significant number of military families that buy trees and accessories at the Tree Lot.   All the profits from the Tree Lot go toward the youth projects that we support.  The discounts take away from the Tree Lot profits.

The 10% discount will be given to families that have a valid military ID.  The Tree Lot does post a sign at the Cash Register table informing customers about the 10% discount.  A donation of $75 would be able to fund 6 to 8 discounted trees and accessories.




Bruce Bidwell

1524 Nichols St.

Manhattan, KS  66503

           ** Indicate on the Memo Line of the check "Customer Giveaway" or "Military Discount" -- or both


Hoop, Holler and Shoot: there have been a few changes but we’re moving right along, we are still needing about 4 volunteers, Girls Semi-Finals Dec 1st at 6:45 at Manhattan Christian College Activity Center. Contact Thad Hall if you are available.
Christmas Tree Lot: signup sheets are out on tables, be sure to sign up for your shift.  The first weekend is when the most trees are sold.  Please check your schedules and help when you can!
Flint Hills Breadbasket Food Drive – if you want to spearhead this event, please reach out to Bill Wisdom
Annual Dues are DUE!!!  Please get your payments to Clyde Scott. 

GUESTS: There were no guests this morning.           

Meeting adjourned with the OPTIMIST CREED.

NOVEMBER PROGRAMS:  PROGRAM CHAIRS – Sharon Fincham, Jerry Banaka, Jim Franke,

                                                                                                   Bruce Bidwell, Mike Fincham

                November 22:                   Working the Christmas Tree Lot!!!

                10:00AM MEETING         LUNCH CATERED!!

                                                                Jim Franke/Bruce Bidwell

                November 29:                   Business Meeting

                MORNING MEETING      Bill Wisdom

November Birthdays